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Other trades

Matt Rickard – Concretum

Matt is a very ambitious person with big goals. So when a former boss mentioned the results he was getting with Tenfold Business Coaching, Matt looked into it for himself.

He explains why he now recommends Tenfold to other ambitious business owners.

Key points:
• Specialist concreting business serving the civil construction sector
• Business had potential but cash flow was lumpy and jobs were hit and miss
• Coaching put Matt in control and gave him the confidence to make profitable decisions
• Business has grown x4
• Now in high demand with the clients he once chased – gets to pick the jobs he wants to win

Read Matt’s story of how he and his Tenfold Business Coach are getting the results Matt wants.

Clint Joyce – Yarra Painting and Maintenance

Clint Joyce of Yarra Painting was working 80 hours a week but his business was still making a loss. He came to Tenfold Business Coaching to transform his business.

Key points:
– Business had been running for 9 years but going nowhere fast
– Clint had learnt the trade but didn’t know how to fix his business
– Working with a Tenfold Business Coach has shown Clint how to make more money and work less
– The business is now profitable and enjoyable. And Clint’s in control.

Discover more about the changes Clint made with his Tenfold Business Coach to turn his business around completely.

Peter Schelfhout and Michael Simpson – Perennial Kitchens

Peter Schelfhout and Michael Simpson of Perennial Kitchens started working with Tenfold Business Coaching because they felt their business wasn’t moving in the direction that they needed.

Key points:
• Established medium sized business, producing kitchens for the domestic market
• Were frustrated with their business, and were working too many hours
• Tenfold Business Coaching increased their productivity and helped them to avoid costly mistakes
• New procedures and systems have put them in control
• Wouldn’t start another business without using a business coach

Read more about Peter and Michael’s experience with Tenfold Business Coaching.

Bill Sides – Sides Engineering Drilling Services

Bill Sides of Sides Engineering Drilling Services sought out Tenfold Business Coaching to help him prepare his long-term family business for sale.

Key points:
• Successful, medium sized business, which had been in the family for over 80 years
• Had no experience in preparing the business for sale, or for creating a successful succession plan
• Needed an independent, experienced coach to guide him through the process
• His Tenfold Business Coach was instrumental in ensuring a successful exit from the business

Read more about Bill’s positive experience with Tenfold Coaching.

Kent Fisher – Access Scaffolding

Kent Fisher of Access Scaffolding approached Tenfold Business Coaching when he was struggling to make the challenging transition from tradesman to business manager.

Key points:

• Established scaffolding business with two branches and ten employees
• Was struggling to adjust from his previous role as an experienced tradesman, to business owner & leader
• Found the Tenfold program to be well structured and extremely professional
• Now has the skills to lead the business
• His coach helped him to find the right staff, so now he can safely cut back his hours

Discover more about Kent’s journey with Tenfold Business Coaching.

Geoff O’Brien – Roadsigns (Australia)

Geoff O’Brien runs Roadsigns (Australia), a line marking business. Whilst the business was running well, they knew they could do things better, and they engaged Tenfold Business Coaching to help.

Key points:
• Established business with experienced owners
• Business was breaking even and making wages. With Tenfold Business Coaching is started turning a profit
• Marketing and recruiting have improved markedly
• 1600% increase in profits over five years
• He can now pullback from day to day work, and choose what he’d like to work on

Read more about the business growth that Geoff achieved with Tenfold Business Coaching.

David Russo – Ion Security

David Russo runs Ion Security, a business specialising in commercial security installations. David’s business was at breaking point, and he engaged Tenfold Business Coaching to help the business get back on track.

Key points:
• Recommended to Tenfold Business Coaching by his accountant
• His coach has made a big impact on improving the business’s profit and driving efficiency; he can do more jobs with less staff
• Feels he now has someone to talk business decisions over with
• Can now choose the jobs they do

Discover more about how David used Tenfold Business Coaching to drive profit growth.

Teree Clare – Red Flag Systems

Husband and wife team, Matt and Teree Clare run Red Flag Systems, a specialist security solutions business. They have seen how an experienced Tenfold Business Coach can deliver immediate results.

Key points:

• Their established business had plateaued
• Matt was working all day ‘on the tools’ and up all hours catching up on paperwork
• They were initially sceptical about whether their business could afford a coach
• Used their coach’s knowledge to immediately improve their quoting and pricing
• Since engaging Tenfold, they have seen sales increase by 82%

Find out more about how Matt and Teree are using Tenfold Business Coaching to expand their business.