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Electrical / Plumbing

Shane Smillie – Melbourne Energy Group

Shane was sceptical about coaching but was curious to see what it could do for his electrical contracting business.

He explains where the business was and how coaching took his business to the next level.

Key points:
• He had built a good business but his time was spent on the tools, not on the business.
• The business relied on Shane for everything
• Coaching helped him lead the business from the front
• The changes he made with coaching set the business up to run independently
• With the extra time, Shane started an additional company and took a 10-week holiday with his family

Read how Shane went from sceptical to successful.

Alex Lamblin – Prolux Electrical

Alex Lamblin runs Prolux, an electrical contracting business, and has used Tenfold Business Coaching to rapidly grow his business.

Key points:
• Established electrical business conducting insurance work and some large commercial work
• Profitability was hard to measure. With his coach, learnt how to analyse where the potential profits were, and to focus his effort in that area
• Doubled the business in 12 months
• Sees coaching as an investment in the future

Learn more about Alex and his experience with Tenfold Business Coaching.

Chris Malcolmson – Reliable Plumbing

Reliable Plumbing is the industry-leader in commercial plumbing and maintenance in Melbourne. Director, Chris Malcolmson speaks about how Tenfold Business Coaching has helped take their business from good to great – and still growing.

Key points:
• Business has been performing well since it started 40 years ago
• Director learnt the job on the tools, sought help to learn how to grow and manage the business
• Coaching provides clarity and a sounding board for tough issues
• With Tenfold Business Coaching, business turnover has tripled and profits have increased x5

Read Chris’ honest view on how coaching has made a difference to their business and his plans for the future.

Brett Franklin – Franklin Plumbing

After moving his family to Torquay, Brett Franklin had to restart his business. Hear how the expert advice of his mentor at Tenfold Business Coaching helped:

• Win work with marketing strategies to attract good quality jobs
• Improve job profit
• Build the confidence to plan for the future

Read Brett’s success story here.

Mobile Electrics logo
Brian Emberson – Mobile Electrics (2016 update)

When the GFC hit in 2008, there was a massive downturn across the economy. Of the competitors we had at that time, I’d say 2 out of 3 went out of business. The decisions I made then with our business coach at Tenfold meant that we survived and then thrived. And we’re still going strong.

Bryce Norton – Mainphase

Bryce Norton had over 20-years experience running his business, but felt he lacked the training and skills to help his company reach its potential. He engaged Tenfold Business Coaching to help.

Key points:
• Experienced business owner
• Coach helped him change his company structure, to drive expansion
• Got great benefit from working with his coach to drive sales and marketing, which the owner had limited training in
• Thanks to his coaching, his stress levels have now greatly reduced, and he can work less hours

Learn more about Bryce’s journey working with Tenfold Business Coaching to drive business growth

Brian Emberson – Mobile Electrics (2011)

Brian Emberson of Mobile Electrics has broadened his opinion of what his business is capable of, after working with his Tenfold Business Coach for over six years.

Key points:
• Established industrial electrician and automation specialist
• Needed some guidance on how to get to the next level
• With his coach, implemented multiple changes to the company structure
• Can now rapidly increase the workforce as the workload increases
• Would recommend Tenfold, in particular to those who’ve come up from being ‘on the tools’

Read more about how Brian used Tenfold Business Coaching to achieve lasting growth in his business.

Narelle Wyrsch – Burwood Plumbing

Family-owned plumbing business was in need of help to sell the asset they had built up over 40 years.

Key points:
• Long-standing domestic plumbing, service and supply business, based in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs.
• Uncertain of how to sell the business and realise its full value.
• Unsure of what steps to take to find a good buyer prepared to meet their terms.
• Tenfold Business Coaching was instrumental in guiding them through the process.
• Great result was achieved!

Narelle talks about how having a Tenfold Business Coach on her side made all the difference.

Glen Clark – Glen Clark and Co

Glen Clark had been successfully running his specialist electrical contractor and solar power installation business. In this testimonial, Glen speaks about the differences his Tenfold Business Coach made to improve profits by 30% within the first year of coaching.

Key points:
Established business in outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne
Glen knew some of the areas for improvement; coaching helped him to plan and implement to achieve results
His Tenfold coach helped recruit the right team members at the right time
They are on track to double the business both in staff and profits in the next twelve months

Read more about Glen’s experience here.