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Business Insights – Why business owners should be focusing on investing NOW

Today I want to bring you some insights on investing in your business, as well as other passive investments and the Australian property market in particular. Before I start, let me point out that Tenfold business coaches certainly aren’t financial planners and so we can’t give financial advice. However, we are committed to ensuring you […]

Business Insights – 10 March 2021 – Putting capital risk in perspective

I’m here with insights for Australian businesses on 10 March 2021, and I’ll provide a view on different capital risks that business owners often have to weigh up. Also in this briefing is an update on the flow of credit for investing in business and personal wealth strategies. Growing your business: Putting capital risk into […]

A Business Coach Explains 4 Australian Business Taxes

As a business owner, you know there are many moving parts of your business finances that you need to have a good handle on. If you don’t really understand all of the different taxes you pay, you’re not alone; many business owners don’t know. It’s very common that a business owner will receive a statement […]

Australia’s debt and deficit: what this means for growing businesses

Part of running a small business is not only dealing with the internal day to day but also understanding the external factors that shape the economy and where it will go. The announcement of the Australian federal budget in early October and the State budgets in November once again brought up the issue of the […]

Cost benefit analysis help you weight up the option
Using cost benefit analysis to make solid investment decisions for your business

The adage is true: you must spend money to make money. It’s a red-letter day when your business is profitable enough that you can start investing in its growth. But in my time as a business coach I have seen many business owners struggle to work out the best way to invest this resource; often […]

should you buy a company car for your business
Offering your team a company car: is it the right decision for your business?

As a business coach, I am seeing increasing numbers of business owners grappling with whether not to offer their team the use of a company car. There are a few reasons you might consider offering access to a work vehicle to an employee, including: It can help them do their job more effectively – especially […]

Security of Payments Act for small business
Keep the cash flowing in your trades business with the Security of Payment Act

As a business coach I have seen one challenge come up more frequently than any other for our coaching clients working in the building and construction industry: dealing with payment disputes. Late or unpaid invoices cause more than just headaches for those running a business. Payment disputes have a significant negative impact on a business […]

quoting for small business
Can I quote you on that? The Tenfold guide to quoting for your small business

Without a plan in place, quoting for a job can feel like playing ‘Marco Polo’. You have a price in mind. The customer has a price in mind. As the business owner, you are left stumbling around blindly searching for a number that keeps everyone happy. Your only measure for success in this scenario? Whether […]

It's easy being green
It’s easy being green: 10 ways to decrease your small business’ environmental impact (without lightening your wallet)

In the 12 years that have passed since Al Gore shocked the world with his famous climate change documentary, the issues of climate change and environmental impact have become more than just an “Inconvenient Truth”. It’s a complicated puzzle that will only be solved if every piece slots into place. Business has an important role […]

4 Essential Cash Tips for any SME

You have probably heard that 60% of SME businesses cease trading in the first 3 years. In a lot of cases, I think these are the lucky ones. The owners that I really feel for are the ones that are staying in business for years on end and only…