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Team of 10-20

Kent Fisher – Access Scaffolding

Kent Fisher of Access Scaffolding approached Tenfold Business Coaching when he was struggling to make the challenging transition from tradesman to business manager.

Key points:

• Established scaffolding business with two branches and ten employees
• Was struggling to adjust from his previous role as an experienced tradesman, to business owner & leader
• Found the Tenfold program to be well structured and extremely professional
• Now has the skills to lead the business
• His coach helped him to find the right staff, so now he can safely cut back his hours

Discover more about Kent’s journey with Tenfold Business Coaching.

Geoff O’Brien – Roadsigns (Australia)

Geoff O’Brien runs Roadsigns (Australia), a line marking business. Whilst the business was running well, they knew they could do things better, and they engaged Tenfold Business Coaching to help.

Key points:
• Established business with experienced owners
• Business was breaking even and making wages. With Tenfold Business Coaching is started turning a profit
• Marketing and recruiting have improved markedly
• 1600% increase in profits over five years
• He can now pullback from day to day work, and choose what he’d like to work on

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Carolyn & Richie Miles – Surrey Hills Garden Supplies

Carolyn and Richie Miles of Surrey Hills Garden Supplies know the difference an experienced business coach can make to a small business owner.

Key points:
• Experienced business owners of a paving and landscaping business, and then a garden supply business
• Was already achieving steady growth on their own
• Used their Tenfold Business Coach to double their rate of growth in just three months

See Carolyn and Richie’s testimonial in full.

Luke Cefai – Automotive Diagnostics and Repairs

Luke Cefai from Automotive Diagnostics and Repairs has experienced first-hand the benefit of using an experienced Tenfold Business Coach.

Key points:
• Their Tenfold Business Coach has helped him rapidly grow the business
• After around two years of coaching, business turnover is now over $1M, which greatly surpassed their expectations

Learn more about Luke and the ADR team.

Doug Lord – Yellowstone Landscaping

Doug Lord runs Yellowstone Landscaping, an established Melbourne commercial and civil landscaping business.

Key points:
• Established landscaping business that was lacking direction
• Were very experienced trades people, but lacked the knowledge of how to grow the business
• With their business coach, they are working towards getting ‘off the tools’
• Since starting coaching, they have grown from 4 to 16 staff members!
• Can now work when they choose

Learn more about how Tenfold Business Coaching helped Doug achieve real results.

John Damianidis – BM Autowerks

John Damianidis runs BM Autowerks, a specialist service centre for BMW and Mini. John engaged Tenfold Business Coaching to help him make the difficult transition from tradesman to profitable business owner.

Key points:

• Experienced tradesman, with limited training or experience in managing a business and staff
• His Tenfold Business Coach had a huge impact on helping him to understand the financial side of the business
• Coaching has greatly improved the efficiency of his business
• Now has more time with his family

Learn more about John’s journey with Tenfold Business Coaching.

Brij Purohit – Keen To Clean

Brij Purohit runs a successful cleaning business. In this testimonial Brij talks about how he found his Tenfold Business Coach essential in guiding him through the process of franchising his business.

Key points:

• He was new to Australia, and needed guidance on how the Australian system and market worked
• He needed help growing his business to the point of franchising
• Feels he gets valuable and honest advice from his business coach, and that this has saved him time and money
• Believes that most business owners know what they are doing, but could benefit from a coach giving them direction and keeping them on track

Find out more about Brij’s successful journey to franchise his business.