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Sell / Exit

Leading Nutrition testimonial about coaching with Tenfold Business Coaching
Cathy and Ralf Thesing – Leading Nutrition

Read how Leading Nutrition grew from a 6-person team in a cramped Camberwell clinic to a national team of 30+. This is a story of effort that paid off. The owners took their business to the next level and now have complete financial freedom.

Mark Silver – Future Business Systems

Mark Silver founded Future Business Systems, a software solution business when he was 17. After running the business for 15 years, he engaged Tenfold Business Coaching to learn how to manage it more effectively, and to turn his business around.

Key points:
• Established IT business
• Owner needed guidance on how to guide his business from a loss to sustainable profit
• With the help of his coach, he has expanded the business and hired ten+ staff
• Now experiencing profit growth of around 100% per annum, while working less hours
• Sold the business to a global company for double-digit multiplier of earnings

Read Mark’s account of how he got his business back on track with Tenfold Business Coaching.

Bill Sides – Sides Engineering Drilling Services

Bill Sides of Sides Engineering Drilling Services sought out Tenfold Business Coaching to help him prepare his long-term family business for sale.

Key points:
• Successful, medium sized business, which had been in the family for over 80 years
• Had no experience in preparing the business for sale, or for creating a successful succession plan
• Needed an independent, experienced coach to guide him through the process
• His Tenfold Business Coach was instrumental in ensuring a successful exit from the business

Read more about Bill’s positive experience with Tenfold Coaching.

Narelle Wyrsch – Burwood Plumbing

Family-owned plumbing business was in need of help to sell the asset they had built up over 40 years.

Key points:
• Long-standing domestic plumbing, service and supply business, based in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs.
• Uncertain of how to sell the business and realise its full value.
• Unsure of what steps to take to find a good buyer prepared to meet their terms.
• Tenfold Business Coaching was instrumental in guiding them through the process.
• Great result was achieved!

Narelle talks about how having a Tenfold Business Coach on her side made all the difference.

Gene Onyschko – Sanitaire Bio-Products

Gene Onyschko, owner of Sanitaire Bio-Products, import and distribution business, has seen great benefits from using an experienced Tenfold Business Coach.

Key points:
• Experience operator, with over 19 years running his own business
• Felt there were still areas of his business that were holiding him back, such as sales & marketing
• Needed an experienced coach that offered a tailored program
• His coach has kept him focussed and has held him accountable
• Believes that even successful businesses would benefit & grown by using an experienced Tenfold Business Coach

Read Gene’s honest perspective of how he is achieving rapid results through Tenfold Business Coaching.