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Jason Dean – SS Benching

Manufacturing is complex and hard, so Jason wasn’t sure what business coaching could do for his fabrication business.

Key points:
• He saw other manufacturing businesses getting ahead with coaching
• Coaching helped him be in control of the pipeline and pricing
• All functions of the business benefit from coaching: financial, manufacturing production, sales, recruitment and team management

Read how Jason is leading from the front with coaching

Andrew and Victoria Wynd – Balwyn Sports and Physiotherapy Centre

Professional skier/Physiotherapist, Andrew Wynd, and qualified Chartered Accountant, Victoria Wynd, know about discipline. They speak about their experience working with Tenfold Business Coaching to take their business, Balwyn Sports and Physiotherapy Centre, to the next level.
Key points:
• Experienced and qualified business owners (husband and wife team) who had used a coach in the past
• Business was going well, ready to go to the next level
• Coaching has been integral to recruiting the right people and building a high performing team
• Net profit has increased 30% while also growing top line sales.

Read about Andrew and Victoria’s coaching journey from good to great.

Peter Schelfhout and Michael Simpson – Perennial Kitchens

Peter Schelfhout and Michael Simpson of Perennial Kitchens started working with Tenfold Business Coaching because they felt their business wasn’t moving in the direction that they needed.

Key points:
• Established medium sized business, producing kitchens for the domestic market
• Were frustrated with their business, and were working too many hours
• Tenfold Business Coaching increased their productivity and helped them to avoid costly mistakes
• New procedures and systems have put them in control
• Wouldn’t start another business without using a business coach

Read more about Peter and Michael’s experience with Tenfold Business Coaching.

Brian Emberson – Mobile Electrics (2011)

Brian Emberson of Mobile Electrics has broadened his opinion of what his business is capable of, after working with his Tenfold Business Coach for over six years.

Key points:
• Established industrial electrician and automation specialist
• Needed some guidance on how to get to the next level
• With his coach, implemented multiple changes to the company structure
• Can now rapidly increase the workforce as the workload increases
• Would recommend Tenfold, in particular to those who’ve come up from being ‘on the tools’

Read more about how Brian used Tenfold Business Coaching to achieve lasting growth in his business.

David Russo – Ion Security

David Russo runs Ion Security, a business specialising in commercial security installations. David’s business was at breaking point, and he engaged Tenfold Business Coaching to help the business get back on track.

Key points:
• Recommended to Tenfold Business Coaching by his accountant
• His coach has made a big impact on improving the business’s profit and driving efficiency; he can do more jobs with less staff
• Feels he now has someone to talk business decisions over with
• Can now choose the jobs they do

Discover more about how David used Tenfold Business Coaching to drive profit growth.

Phillip & Karen Theodore – Apple Print

Phillip and Karen Theodore run Apple Print, and contacted Tenfold Business Coaching to help them turn their business around.

Key points:
• Established print and copy centre in the south-eastern suburbs
• Needed guidance to set business goals to track their business
• Coaching has driven growth, and they are now moving from losses into profits for the first time

Learn more about Phillip and Karen’s progress using Tenfold Business Coaching.

Glen Clark – Glen Clark and Co

Glen Clark had been successfully running his specialist electrical contractor and solar power installation business. In this testimonial, Glen speaks about the differences his Tenfold Business Coach made to improve profits by 30% within the first year of coaching.

Key points:
Established business in outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne
Glen knew some of the areas for improvement; coaching helped him to plan and implement to achieve results
His Tenfold coach helped recruit the right team members at the right time
They are on track to double the business both in staff and profits in the next twelve months

Read more about Glen’s experience here.