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Business Insights – 4th October 2021 – Important updates for Victorian businesses

I’m here on 4th October 2021 with important updates for Victorian businesses

There were a few announcements over the weekend that relate to Tenfold clients in Victoria. There is a lot of information in this briefing so I have itemised it for your ease of reference:

  • Mandatory vaccinations
    • Other authorised workers
    • Construction
    • Worker vaccination FAQs


  • Financial assistance
    • Vic construction
    • Further funding for other sectors – BCAP Round 5
    • Disaster payments for employees


  • Key dates for all Victorian businesses


  • Tools for Tenfold Victorian clients
    • Template for vaccination register
    • How to get your COVID-19 digital certificate


There’s a lot of information to be across if you’re running a business in Victoria. Each Tenfold business coach is up to speed with this intel, so speak with your business mentor for advice and guidance on any of these important topics.


Victorian mandatory vaccines for workers

In Victoria, the mandatory vaccination policy for workers has been extended. This follows the announcement 2 weeks ago that people working on construction sites and in health and aged care facilities and education services would be required to be vaccinated.

On Friday 1st October, the Victorian government announced this will be extended to all authorised workers – this essentially means anyone who currently isn’t working from home.

All authorised workers are required to have had a first vaccination by 15th October and be fully vaccinated by 26th November (or a medical exception).

Some places (universities, for instance) have set their own timeframes independent of the government for everyone to be vaccinated to attend site. We should expect that more places may follow suit.


Construction rules – partially vaccinated is now mandatory

All workers on a construction site (any size or stage) must have received their first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine to attend sites from 5th October when construction re-opens.

All on-site workers will need to be fully vaccinated by 13 November

Workers who cross the regional/metro border to attend small-scale construction sites must be fully vaccinated, as of now



Vaccination FAQs

Who needs to be vaccinated by when?

  • People on construction sites:
    • by Tuesday 5th October 2021, partially vaccinated
    • by 13 November 2021, fully vaccinated (or medical exception)


  • Authorised workers – all other workers currently attending offices, warehouses, factories etc:
    • by Friday, 15 October 2021 for first dose
    • from 26 November 2021, fully vaccinated or a medical exception.


  • Work from home – Practically any current work-from-home employee wanting to visit the office or attend a work social function (such as your team Christmas party etc) – from 5th November 2021 (when 80% vaccination is expected to be reached, based upon reopening roadmap)


Financial assistance

Tenfold business coaches have been reviewing all funding options available from the Vic government for businesses.  Here’s an overview of the current financial assistance options for Victorian businesses:

Vic construction

Many Victorian Tenfold clients in the construction sector have had their work restricted but haven’t been able to access government funding. On Saturday it was announced that some financial assistance will be made available to those businesses by way of the Business Costs Assistance Program Round Four – Construction


  • Businesses with an ANZSIC code in the construction sector – the specific codes haven’t been advised yet;
  • Your business must be located Melbourne, the City of Greater Geelong, Surf Coast Shire and Mitchell Shire, which were the LGAs subject to the construction site lockdown;
  • This funding is only available if you didn’t get the previous rounds of BCAP or Hardship
  • The amount of the funding ranges from $2,800 – $8,400, rising with your payroll.
  • The grants are due to be open for application in mid-October, so we’ll notify you as soon as we know the date and the ANZSIC codes.


BCAP Round 5

Tenfold business coaching clients and Victorian businesses who have received funding under the previous BCAP rounds will continued to get payments until the end of October. The payments will be made automatically to your bank accounts, ranging between $2,800 – $8,400, rising with your payroll.

Businesses in sectors that remain closed or severely restricted in November will also receive automatic payments for the first 2 weeks of the month.

All business payments are expected finish when Victoria reaches 80% double dose vaccination.

The advice from our business coach team is to update your financial model to account for these changes in your cash flow forecasting.


Disaster payments for employees

The businesses that we coach have found that the COVID-19 Disaster payments have been useful for employees to supplement their income where they have had their hours reduced due to shutdowns and restrictions.

To date, people who have applied successfully have had the payments automatically paid every week without the need to reapply. This process will change once the key vaccination milestones are met in your state.

When the state reaches 70% fully vaccinated, automatic payments will stop and people will have to reapply for the disaster payment. Then at the 80% fully vaccinated milestone, the payment will be reduced over 2 weeks to a flat rate of $450.


Key dates for all Victorian businesses


5 October: Construction site workers return to work (fully vaccinated)

15 October: Other authorised workers need to have first dose to attend work

Mid-October (TBA): BCAP – Construction grant applications open



5 November (estimated): Phase C of roadmap, people can return to work in offices

26 November: Date for other authorised workers to be fully vaccinated to attend work


Useful tools for Victorian businesses

Template for recording vaccination details

I’ve attached a template for recording vaccination details. The template is a MS Word doc so you can make changes to suit your business (e.g. add your company name and brand, names of team members, etc.)

Download the template here: Vaccination register template 

A couple of points to note for completing the vaccination register:

  • You are allowed to request evidence that your workers are compliant with the mandatory vaccination directions
  • You only need to record the details of their evidence – you do NOT need to keep a copy (physical or digital) of their vaccination evidence
  • You may provide a copy of your vaccination register to a principal contractor if requested
  • If your worker does give you a hard copy of their evidence, this is private information and you must comply with both Federal and Victorian privacy legislations for health information. You must not pass private information on to anyone, including head contractors.


How to get your COVID-19 Digital Certificate

You can easily access your own COVID-19 Digital Certificate online, and if you have an iPhone you can also add it to your Apple Wallet. See here for instructions:


I know there is a lot of information in this briefing. Every Tenfold business coach is across all the details in this information pack so please speak with a business mentor for advice if you have any questions.



Ashley Thomson B.Eng. (Hons), Grad. Dip. Mgmt, MEI
Managing Director
Tenfold Business Coaching

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