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COVID-19 Business Continuity – 31st July

I’m here with the COVID-19 continuity update for Australian businesses on 31st July I’m talking about:

1. Monitoring and managing your stress levels (and my own recent experience)
2. Victoria update: a watching brief

1. Monitoring and managing your stress levels

It’s fair to say that July has been a rollercoaster month, particularly for business owners operating in Victoria.

In normal times, business is generally stressful. Usually as business owners we have our own outlets for dealing with stress, like catching up with friends, training at the gym, going on holidays or heading away for the weekend. However, in this current environment business is more stressful and on top of that our normal stress-relief options are not available to us. Because we don’t have those options, stress can build up; sometimes without us being aware that it’s happening.

My advice is to be aware of where you’re up to with your stress levels. Think about substitutes for how you would normally let off steam. Take some time to reflect on how you’re feeling mentally and physically. It’s ok to feel a bit out of sorts – a lot of people are feeling that way at the moment.

I can speak from my own personal experience from last week; without realising it, I’d been holding tension in my shoulders which was causing headaches that wouldn’t go away. Once I recognised what was going on with my state of mind and my shoulders, I was able to fix both issues.

I know that we’re all under the pump, but I encourage you to take some time this weekend to do a quick self-check. It’s worth it for your own wellbeing and that of your business and your family. I’m sure that you, like me, are the better version when you’re feeling balanced within yourself.

As always, Tenfold is here to support you – please feel free to reach out to your business mentor or myself.


2. Victoria update: a watching brief

In today’s Victorian press conference, Premier Dan Andrews and Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton both addressed the question of whether the high numbers of new cases would mean further restrictions in Victoria.

The overarching message from both the Premier and the CHO was that they will assess the data on transmission occurrences and weigh that up against the impact restrictions would have on businesses, on people’s livelihoods, and on psychological and emotional wellbeing.

When responding to the issue of extending the 6-week lockdown, Dan Andrews said the government will consider further assistance for Victorian businesses. “It may be that there is further support that is needed for businesses, for workers,” he said.

He continued, “Part of my discussions and dialogue with the prime minister will focus on those issues as well.”

What this means for Victorian businesses

We’re on a watching brief on what will happen with restrictions.

The key messages I take from today’s press conference was that we should be prepared in case further restrictions are implemented. And if they are then we can expect the government to provide further financial support for businesses. Please review my briefing from 27th July on ‘How to prepare your business for full remote operations’ and make sure you are progressing with your planning.

If you need expert business advice for your specific circumstances wherever you are in Australia, speak with a Tenfold Business Coach today.


Ashley Thomson B.Eng(Hons), Grad. Dip. Mgmt, MEI
Managing Director
Tenfold Business Coaching

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