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Business Insights – 27th July 2021 – Vic restrictions ease | JobSaver now open for NSW

I’m here with insights for Australian businesses on 27th July 2021. In this briefing:

  1. Victorian lockdown lifted
  2. Return to work after working from home
  3. NSW JobSaver grants now open
  4. Maximising the Support Payments – JobSaver & COVID-19 Disaster Payments
  5. JobSaver Explained


1. Victorian lockdown lifted 

Victorian Tenfold clients are once again pleased to be released from lockdown, with restrictions easing at 11:59pm tonight. This time we are seeing a more pragmatic approach to re-opening of businesses, with gyms allowed to open at the same time as other businesses.

The headline changes that relate to Tenfold’s Victorian clients are:

  • No restrictions on the reasons to leave home
  • No 5km travel restriction
  • Schools will re-open tomorrow for all year levels
  • ​Venues including gyms can re-open with density quotients of 1 person per 4sqm, and caps of 100 people inside, 300 people outside​
  • Masks must be worn inside and outside
  • ​You can have up to 10 people in the office if your total workplace is 40 or less (or 25% capacity, if you have a larger office workforce)

The caps for office workplaces and venues will be in place for the next two weeks and will then be reviewed.

​For the latest table of restrictions, see the attachment at the bottom of this page: https://www.premier.vic.gov.au/lockdown-lifted-across-victoria


2. Return to work after working from home

We often hear from clients when we come out of lockdown that your employees have varying degrees of confidence about returning to the workplace after working from home. Have a think about any of your team members who might be apprehensive about returning to the office, and discuss with your Tenfold coach about how you can approach this. A little bit of discussion with your employees and planning can go a long way to ensuring a smooth transition for your team.


3. NSW JobSaver grants now open

NSW JobSaver grants are now open for application for businesses that have been impacted by the Greater Sydney lockdown. Tenfold coaches are actively working with our Sydney clients to apply for these grants.

Before I launch into the detail of the grants, I want to first focus on how to best use JobSaver and the COVID-19 Disaster Payments and other entitlements to get through the lockdown.


4. Maximising the Support Payments – JobSaver & COVID-19 Disaster Payments

If you don’t have enough work to keep your team fully employed, work out how many days you do have work for. JobSaver will pay 40% of your weekly payroll, which will cover around 2 days of your employees’ wages. (Note: the payment is capped at $10,000 per week.)

If you reduce your employee’s wages by more than 20 hours (2 ½ days), then they’ll also be eligible for the Commonwealth COVID-19 Disaster Payment. (Note payments vary in amount based on full-time/part-time and the impacted area.)

By using a mix of accrued annual leave and maybe a day or two of leave without pay, you can cover the cost of retaining your workforce over this period.

Every business is different (and some have employees under industry awards), so please speak to your coach about how to maximise all resources and ensure you can support your team and the business to get through to the other side of lockdown.

Based on the escalating NSW case numbers and the number of people in those numbers who have been active in the community while infectious, we believe tough NSW restrictions will continue for many months. Work your financial model with your coach and setup your plan so you can play the long game.


5. JobSaver explained

JobSaver is a joint NSW and Commonwealth grant only available for businesses with operations in Greater Sydney. However, it’s useful for us all to understand this grant as a model for what may be available if other states go into extended lockdowns in the future.

Main eligibility criteria:

A decline in turnover of 30% or more over a minimum 2-week period within the lockdown (commenced 26 June) compared to the same period in 2019.

Businesses that applied for and are eligible for the 2021 COVID-19 business grant will generally be automatically eligible for JobSaver but must provide further information on employee headcount and payroll.

How much and when

Payments will be backdated to cover costs from 18 July 2021 onwards (week 4 of the Greater Sydney lockdown).

The payment will be equivalent to 40% of the weekly payroll for work performed in NSW:

  • minimum payment will be $1,500 per week
  • maximum payment will be $10,000 per week.

Once approved, businesses will receive automatic fortnightly payments. NSW gov is expecting to make the first payment within 5 business days of approving an application.

Alternative circumstances

If your business does not meet all the eligibility criteria, you may be able to apply for JobSaver if you can provide evidence to support the alternative circumstances outlined in the guidelines.


6. JobSaver FAQS

How is my weekly payroll calculated?

Weekly payroll should generally be determined by referring to the most recent BAS provided to the ATO before 26 June 2021 for the 2020-21 financial year.


Are “stand down” employees or casuals included in the headcount?

Employees who have been stood down are still included in the headcount as long as their employment has not been terminated.

Casual employees are included in the headcount if they have been employed more than 12 months.


My headcount has reduced since 13 July because an employee resigned – will I still be eligible?

Reductions in employee headcount resulting from circumstances outside the control of the employer (such as voluntary resignations, death of an employee) will not be taken as a reduction in employee headcount on 13 July.


Can my business get JobSaver if I have received other state/commonwealth payments?



If my business gets JobSaver, can my employees also get other disaster payments?

Your employees can still receive the Commonwealth COVID-19 disaster payment if you’re receiving JobSaver.


For more information about JobSaver, how to apply and FAQS, use these links:

JobSaver overview and how to apply: https://www.service.nsw.gov.au/transaction/jobsaver-payment

JobSaver guidelines and evidence requirements: https://www.service.nsw.gov.au/jobsaver-payment-guidelines

JobSaver FAQs: https://www.service.nsw.gov.au/jobsaver-payment-faqs


Each Tenfold business coach is working with multiple businesses across various sectors, and we’re sharing our knowledge and best practices as a team. If you have a question, we’ve probably answered it with several other businesses. Please contact a Tenfold coach for expert advice and real experience to help you keep on top and stay ahead.


Ashley Thomson B.Eng. (Hons), Grad. Dip. Mgmt, MEI
Managing Director
Tenfold Business Coaching

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