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Business Insights – 26th July 2021 – getting through lockdown

I’m here with insights for Australian businesses on 26th July 2021, as parts of Australia remain in lockdown. Today, I want to acknowledge the toll that lockdowns can have not only on businesses but on people’s mental well-being too.

I know that all our business coaching clients have goals to improve and grow their businesses. By the very nature of being a business owner, you tend to value effort and strive for success. So lockdowns can be particularly frustrating.

The Tenfold coaches mentor many business clients in Melbourne and regional Victoria, so our support was in high demand last year when Victoria had 114 days of lockdown. From that experience, I want to offer advice on 4 key points for Sydney business owners and also for our the business clients we mentor in all states where lockdowns are becoming more frequent:

1. Getting through is getting ahead

Lockdown is like having one hand tied behind your back, while you are swimming. In this scenario, a successful outcome is keeping your head above water.

Do what it takes to get through; the time to focus on growth and profit is when you are standing with both feet on the ground.


2. Find a way to work

Within the boundaries of restrictions, find a way to keep going. This is something that we at Tenfold focus on – you’ll notice that our briefings are focused how different sectors can continue to operate. Our business coaches actively trawl through every restriction and rule, and we aim to interpret the rules to keep your business operational. It’s good for everyone’s headspace – yours and your team’s – to find things to do. Having a sense of purpose is a key factor for good mental well-being.


3. Take care of yourself

The business coach team at Tenfold saw (and felt) first hand the pressure of lockdowns. Mentoring the business owner was often the focus of the coaching session.

I wrote last year about the importance of business owners being aware of their mental state and taking care of their mental wellbeing. Here are some links to the briefings I wrote about mental health for business owners that got the most responses from business owners:




4. Take care of your team

As Simon Sinek says, “Leadership is not a rank or a position, it is a choice – a choice to look after the person to the left of us and the person to the right of us.”

Take care of your team because it’s the right thing to do as a leader. And you’ll need a reliable and motivated team when you get out of lockdown.


Greater Sydney Restrictions

The lockdown in Greater Sydney is looking more and more likely that it will be a protracted lockdown, possibly lasting months. Please continue to discuss your situation with your coach as there are different rules for different local government areas and the restrictions are changing regularly.

Victoria’s lockdown is due to end tomorrow, we’re waiting on confirmation from the Vic state government.


Your business coach and the Tenfold team are here to support you.


Ashley Thomson B.Eng. (Hons), Grad. Dip. Mgmt, MEI
Managing Director
Tenfold Business Coaching

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