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COVID-19 Business Continuity – 22nd April

I’m here with the COVID-19 business continuity update on Wednesday 22nd April.

In today’s update I’ve provided a guide for your employees on how to save costs during COVID-19

Due to the current economic climate, some businesses have had to reduce their staff’s work days from a full week down to 4 days and even 2-3 days in some cases, resulting in reductions in staff salaries.

I want to acknowledge that these aren’t decisions that have been made lightly – they are necessary measures to keep businesses alive. So as a way to help you support your staff on reduced wages, we have prepared a guide for how they can save on some expenses and costs during this time. In this guide we cover:

  • Housing costs: rental and mortgage payments, council rates and body corporate levies
  • Personal debt: home loans, personal loans, credit cards
  • Services at home: gas, electricity water
  • Phone, data and internet
  • Health insurance
  • Home, contents, car insurances
  • Other expenses
  • Tips for reducing your general expenses

I’ve attached the guide here as a PDF so that you can email it to your staff or give them a hard copy.

A Guide To Reducing Your Costs During COVID-19 (PDF 201KB)

(If you need a refresher, in my email on 1st April (click here to re-read), I suggested explaining to your employees what a salary reduction of 80% or 60% would realistically look like in their current circumstances, and I provided a Wage Earner Comparison. The key point there is that we’re all sharing the pain.)

Let’s keep looking forward.


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