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Business Insights – 17th August 2021 – Melbourne metro lockdown

I’m here with an update on the snap Melbourne metro lockdown on 17th August 2021.

We’re hearing of impending changes as Melbourne metro prepares to return to the Stage 4 restrictions that were in place last year (August/September 2020).

Our business coaches are monitoring this closely and we’re expecting the government to release the formal guidelines today. What we’ve heard so far is that worker permits will be reintroduced and limits on the number of workers on building sites.

The important thing to note is that there will be a grace period for businesses to implement these requirements. Things are usually in turmoil for a couple of days until it settles down, so use this time to complete works and prepare for works that can be done under the new restrictions. Your Tenfold business coach will help you prepare and navigate.

I’ll let you know over the day when the official announcements are made, however plan for the stage 4 restrictions to come into existence this evening, but take several days before all of the edge cases are identified and advised by the government.

Lockdown: Building and Construction Sector

The building and construction sector will be most impacted by these changes as follows:

  • Small scale construction sites:
    • construction activity on small scale construction sites to be reduced to 5 workers on site plus a supervisor from midnight tonight.
  • Early stage works:
    • construction activity on small scale construction sites to be reduced to 10 workers on site plus a supervisor from midnight tonight.
  • Large scale construction sites:
    • construction activity on small scale construction sites to be reduced to 25% or 5 workers on site (whichever is greater) from midnight tonight.
  • Specialist contractors: there will be specialist contractor list and those contractors can only move around up to 3 sites per week.
    • Supervisors can move between multiple sites.
    • The restrictions do not apply to safety services.
  • Work on occupied homes:
    • the restrictions on occupied homes are still up in the air, so at this point we don’t know whether any works will be allowed to continue.
    • Tradespeople and builders can provide repairs, maintenance, home installations and other building works if able to perform the work solo (unless additional workers are required for safety reasons) and only outdoors.
  • Residential landscaping in occupied premises can occur if:
    • the service provider has an ABN
    • the service is provided by one person only unless additional workers are required for safety reasons
    • the work occurs outside
    • physical distancing can always be maintained.
  • Essential maintenance:
    • will be permitted indoors or outdoors whether the premises is occupied or not.

Start thinking about this and how to plan your workforce. We’re expecting a grace period so the best advice from our business coaches right now is: “Don’t stress or panic”. Every Tenfold business coach has advised businesses how to get through this kind of lockdown so contact your Tenfold mentor for advice.


Authorised workers and permits

  • Permits will be required to leave the house for authorised work, consistent with the arrangements that were in place last year.
  • Authorised workers will be required to carry permits when working, and when travelling for work, from 11:59pm tonight (Tuesday 17th August).
  • The permits need to be certified by an employer.

Here’s a link to the worker permit form: https://www.coronavirus.vic.gov.au/authorised-provider-and-authorised-worker-permit#download-the-permit

Note: regional Vic is not impacted by these changes but workers will require a permit to go between regional Vic and Melbourne for work, and Melbourne workers will need to adhere to Melbourne restrictions when in regional Vic.

We’ll come back as we hear more.



Ashley Thomson B.Eng. (Hons), Grad. Dip. Mgmt, MEI
Managing Director
Tenfold Business Coaching

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