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COVID-19 Business Continuity – 13th July

I’m here with the COVID-19 continuity update for Australian businesses on Monday 13th July.

Homeschooling for Victorian public schools was announced yesterday, as we had all expected. This applies from Monday 20th July to until at least 19th August for students in Prep to Year 10.

What the latest homeschooling announcement means for your business

I know that some of you found it hard to juggle term 2 homeschooling with the responsibilities of running a business. And some of you struggled with team members who were working from home and doing homeschooling. In some cases, this caused a decrease in productivity and results.

This coming period of homeschooling will be different from the previous period. In the first period of homeschooling, the option to have kids attend school was only open to essential workers such as medical staff and emergency services.

This time, Dan Andrews has made it clear that any parent who cannot work from home is able to send their kids to school to learn. The Premier said, “Onsite supervision will be available for students when they are not able to be supervised at home and no other arrangements can be made – including children whose parents cannot work from home, vulnerable children and children with a disability.”

Some roles require high levels of mental concentration for functions to be performed well; distractions can be costly. For example, quoting and estimating, making sure payroll is correct, scheduling client jobs and contactors.

As you plan for this next period, consider consulting with your employees who have homeschooling responsibilities about flexible arrangements. For roles and functions that are important to the business’ livelihood and cannot be done from home, explore with your employee where it might be a good option for their kids to attend school. You could look at flexible arrangements such as the kids going to school for the first half of the day a couple of times a week. This could enable your employee to have a distraction-free environment for important tasks.

While it may be a different kind of juggling, the important thing to focus on is keeping your business running to ensure you and your team get through this second lockdown.

As always, Tenfold business coaches and business mentors are here to help you plan for this next period.


Ashley Thomson B.Eng(Hons), Grad. Dip. Mgmt, MEI
Managing Director
Tenfold Business Coaching

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