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Take your carpentry contracting business to the next level with Australia’s most trusted coaches

Carpenters are built different. The best ones have attention to detail in their DNA. Precision powers their business: every join, every level, every finish needs to be juuuuust right.

The challenge is making sure that precision profitable. In carpentry, efficiency is the driver for cash flow, for every job to grow your bank balance.

At Tenfold, we help carpentry business owners get the results they deserve. As Australia’s leading team of business coaches, we know how to improve performance across the board to take it to the next level.

Discover what’s possible for your business when you’re backed by a Tenfold coach…

Photo of a group of trades business owners at a briefing session.

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We know the ins and outs of carpentry

A boom in the construction sector creates HUGE demand for carpenters. During these times your business should be banking strong profits consistently. That’s important not just for today but for the long term viability of your business. Booms don’t last so you need to protect against the drop when the tide turns.

We know what drives the leaders in the field

A strong pipeline of work from A-grade builders and referred homeowner clients is crucial for a healthy carpentry contracting business. Best in breed carpenters lock in repeat clients and win word of mouth referrals because they deliver quality projects consistently. Win the work that suits your skills and your profit targets.

We know the effort involved

The success of a carpentry business relies on accurate quoting and running an efficient gang. It takes skill to estimate accurately while also making good margins on the job. Investing in a capable and reliable team to deliver the work is crucial to your effort paying off.

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“The certainty I now have in understanding the financials 100% gives me the confidence to grow my business the way I want.

My coach implemented a dashboard for the numbers specific to my business, my team, my projects. It’s one of the most important tools of my business.”

Ryan McKenzie, Director
RYCON Building Group (Tenfold client since 2016)

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Photo of custom building business owner Ryan Mckenzie

Review of Tenfold Business Coaching

How business coaching works for carpenters

The right coach is matched to you and your business

Coaching provides clarity. We provide a clear plan of the priority areas to drive results, with actionable advice across all functions of your business. We coach carpenters on marketing, quoting, financial models, team management and operations. At the strategic level a Tenfold business coach assists with:

  • Specific advice to tighten processes, manage contracts, and project delivery.

  • Track billable hours; the more you know, the easier to control.

  • Manage variations through accurate estimating and quoting and robust scope management.

  • Big picture planning and strategic direction for the longer term. Be confident in your business knowledge and bulletproof your business.

Discover what’s possible for your carpentry business with Tenfold Business Coaching.

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Meet the team of Tenfold Business Mentors

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Find out why our business coaches love working at Tenfold

Build your team to grow with your business

Leadership coaching and resource management for a high performing carpentry team

Framing, flooring, finishing. For a business owner, predictable work is profitable. However, for a chippie, doing the same work day after day can be mind-numbing. Boredom can be problematic; from mindless mistakes to staff turnover.

Lead a team that can be relied on in thick and thin to grow your carpentry business. From your onsite gang to your admin team, we help build the capability of your whole team.

For your admin team, we focus on positive cash flow: capacity planning, job tracking, managing debtors and getting paid on time in full.

For your team on the tools, we work on SOPs to make jobs run as efficiently as possible. Many carpentry crews have a mix of skills and experience. Use this to your advantage by delegating the correct tasks to the right team members. Clear lines of communication are essential.

Focus on functions that directly impact job profitability: efficiency on site and getting it right first time every time.

Everything we do in coaching has a purpose: not just to tick a box but also to ensure margins are improved across jobs and to your bottom line.

Experts in job management tools

We make systems work for your business.

Unlike other business coaches, we don’t force you change your business management systems to suit us.

Tenfold business coaches are multidisciplinary and system-agile.

Really, that just means that we know how to use lots of different systems to get the best for your carpentry business.

How business coaching works for carpenters

The right coach is matched to you and your business

Skilled carpentry work often requires a building licence because the reality is that doing lots of little jobs worth less than $10,000 is fine for weekend warriors but it’s not how to have a profitable carpentry business.

With a set of agile skills carpenters have a range of options to specialise in, including:

  • Work for a domestic builder doing frames;
  • Working directly for clients doing outdoor jobs such as decks and pergolas, and indoor home improvements such as flooring, wainscoting, minor renovations;
  • Commercial works doing fitout projects or finishing jobs: hang doors, skirting, door hardware.

With this wide choice of work types, you need to determine your specialisation and build a business around it. For some, being a carpenter is a step on the path to becoming a builder. Once a carpenter has done the work to obtain their DB-L(C), some ambitious operators go on to earn DB-U or commercial building licence with the view do doing their own developments.

At Tenfold, we work with builders across the full field from guiding carpenters to business coaching for builder developers. Our clients are contributing members to industry bodies including Carpentry Australia and Master Builders.

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