Allied health business coaching

Our business coaching for allied health helps great clinicians become great business owners of scalable private practices.

With experience in growing the private practices for physio, chiro, osteo and myo clinics, we use detailed performance analysis to deliver strategic growth.

If you believe your allied health private practice could perform better and be more profitable, find out what you can achieve with an experienced Tenfold business coach.

Business coaching for allied health practices in Australia

Know your numbers

If you’re not sure how much you’re making on every consult, treatment room and clinician, there’s a risk you’re leaking money.

Now’s the time to change that.

Get the balance right

A healthy allied business balances all the moving parts – patients, clinicians, product sales – to deliver the outcome you plan for.

Control the levers of a sustainable business.

Rewarding your reputation

Stand out as the “go-to” specialist in your allied health sector.

Attract patients and practitioners who value a reputation of professionalism and care.

Bulletproof your business

Protect your physio, chiro, osteo or myo business from the knocks.

Realistic business planning to run a clinic with reliable profit and growth opportunities.

Lead a cohesive team

Create a collaborative workplace that supports clinicians to deliver quality patient care and enhances the role of practice management team members in the patient journey to wellness.

Freedom to Choose

Work ON your business, not in it.

Take your business to the next level, or just take time off without thinking about the clinic.

Financial independence to give you options.

Back your allied health business growth with:

Financial tools to track and improve performanceNext-level strategies for your big pictureBest practices for pricing, systems and cost controlManagement coaching for high-performing teams

Back your allied health business with smart strategies for scalable growth

Business Coaching Firm of the Year for growing Australian businesses

Awarded: 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017

Team group

Allied health business coaching provides intel and accountability

Know what you need to know to drive your practice results.


You wouldn’t make a guess about a treatment plan, so don’t make guesses in your business.

As growth experts, our business coaches use best in breed techniques to improve your allied health private practice.

And we’ll keep you accountable to get the results your clinic deserves.

  • Optimised Service Fees: Maximise profit per clinician with the right pricing for services. Develop clear and fair models for how income is shared between practitioner and clinic.
  • Best Practices for Rebookings: Support patient recovery and enhance their long-term wellness with patient-centred rebooking methods.
  • Optimal Mix of Services: Strategies to get the right balance of high value complex work (rehabilitation, medically instructed attention) and standard work (treatment plans, Pilates and exercise physiology services) that meet your responsibilities to your patients and add value to your clinic.

Take the guesswork out of your business. When you know better, you do better.


Experts in practice management tools

We make integrated systems work for your private practice clinic.

Unlike other business coaches, we don’t force you change your practice management systems to suit us.

Tenfold business coaches are multidisciplinary and system-agile.

Really, that just means that we know how to use lots of different systems to get the best for your private practice.

Attract and retain the best people for your business

Coaching to lead teams of committed practitioners and capable practice management staff

Physio Clinic Business Coaching
Physio Clinic Business Coaching
mechanic workshop team leadership

The advantage of leading a thriving allied health business is that it is a magnet for quality clients and professional practitioners. So how to you take your chiropractic clinic, osteo consulting suites or physiotherapy practice to the next level? Some of the key areas we work on with you are:

  • Attract Rising-Star Clinicians: Cultivate a workplace that is a drawcard for clinicians who want to be part of something bigger.

  • Motivate the Right Behaviours: Align patient care responsibilities to deliver commercial goals. Track and improve key areas of profitability: % return per practitioner, referrals from clients and alliance partners, sales of your clinic’s complementary products (e.g. foam rollers, bands, strapping) and services (e.g. Pilates, strength and conditioning classes, subscription services, exercise app).
  • Retain Excellence: Keep ambitious clinicians by showing how you will invest in them with career development plans and growth opportunities. Map an appealing future that grows their clinical and commercial skills.

  • Customer Service and Admin Effectiveness: Develop SOPs for your practice management team to deliver consistently high service and streamlined clinic operations. Build every admin person to be a star support team member.

Lead a high performing team that grows with your business. Explore what’s possible today.

Advance your allied health practice with business growth experts

Business coaching to take your private allied health practice to the next level

Allied health professionals are called to their specialisation. Being a good osteo, chiropractor or physiotherapist takes more than skill; the common thread across the best practitioners is that they are committed to supporting their patients to live full and agile lives. Most work involves treating an injury or resolving a source of pain or assisting with rehabilitation. The challenge is that by providing great treatments a clinician can actually eliminate the need for their services.

Unlike mainstream medical services, allied health services aren’t government subsidised. While a patient’s health insurance contributes to the payment of consultations, the out of pocket expense can see clients self-impose a cap on the frequency of their visits. Business coaching helps position allied health services as whole-of-life wellness, moving the perception of your offerings from “discretionary” to “deserving”.

The value to your business is that you attract more referrals from clients who value your services and from other health services professionals who see you as partner in their patient’s wellbeing.

With the vision of supporting clients long term mobility and quality of life, there’s a strong alignment with providing clients with more options. Business growth can be sourced from additional services such as Pilates classes, strength conditioning training delivered by a PT or exercise physiologist, wellness product sales such as fitness bands, treatment subscription plans. Contract clinicians who are less commercially minded can be supported to recommend patients to more of your clinics offerings when they see how beneficial it is.

We’ve been delivering business coaching services to health services businesses for over 20 years.

From right-sized price increases to reducing cost and improving practice management efficiencies, our coaching supports businesses to perform better.

With a commitment to delivering positive ROI on coaching, our effort shows where it counts: on the bottom line.

Take your allied health services practice
to the next level with Tenfold Business Coaching

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