12 binge-worthy podcasts for small business owners

“When I’m drivin’ in my car, and the man come on the radio He’s tellin’ me more and more about some useless information Supposed to fire my imagination” – Rolling Stones, Satisfaction If you’ve been stuck in traffic on your daily commute or when moving between client sites lately, you may be experiencing the same […]

Telling your brand story
Once upon a time… A small business owners’ guide to telling their brand story

Humans have always responded to storytelling. It creates a sense of belonging and connection to the past. For as long as anyone has been telling them, stories have helped us preserve our history, teach important lessons and inspire each other to strive for greater things. Consider the people you admire the most as a small […]

Fear busters - fail your way to success
8 fear busters to help you fail your way to success

Ability to master fear would make the top 5 of any entrepreneur’s list of most important skills – in fact, it would most likely take out the top spot. The big names – Branson, Jobs, Disney, Gates to name just a few – know that the path to success never did run smooth. These guys […]

Dare to be different - disruption
Bridge or a bunker: How should small business deal with ‘disruption’?

Google, Amazon, Uber, Airbnb, Airtasker, Netflix… what do these brands all have in common? They are disruptors in their industry. As an avid consumer of their products and services, I love and admire the way they’ve changed the world by putting the customer experience at the centre of their operation. As a business coach I […]

Time is money, saving time
9 Fool-proof Time Management Strategies for Small Business Owners

One of the first things I work on with my Tenfold coaching clients is time management. It isn’t something which always comes naturally to entrepreneurial types and, unfortunately, being the boss won’t magically imbue you with ‘boss’ organisational skills. Luckily, there are many tried and true methods for making the move from ‘busy’ to ‘productive’. […]

Break the cookie habit
Breaking Bad (Habits): 6 actions you can take today to break bad habits

It all starts with a simple cup of coffee.  And a cheeky biscuit, just to tide you over until dinner. One biscuit won’t hurt and it goes so well with coffee and your body is craving a 3pm sugar hit. Somehow, at the end of the month, you’re automatically reaching for the bikkie tin without […]

9 Super Useful Tools to for High Performing and Converting Websites

It’s one thing to have a website for your small business, it’s another thing entirely to have a website that performs well. A high performing website converts visitors from online browsers to bottom line dollars. Here are some of Tenfold Business Coaching’s favourite tools for small business owners to take control and get the most bang […]

Maximise the App-ortunities: The best 14 apps for Australian small business owners

Meeting clients at their workplace, working remotely, visiting your team onsite; there are so many advantages to not being stuck behind a desk. It’s no wonder that Australian small businesses are conducting more business on their mobile devi…

Solo: A Small Business Coach?

“A long time ago, in a galaxy far away…”

As a Star Wars fan since seeing The Empire Strikes Back on the big screen in 1980 (I was in primary school and begged my mum for a Princess Leia lunchbox), I am super excited about the
new …

The secret to increasing sales in your small business (here’s a clue – it’s not ‘selling’!)

When I talk about selling with some of my business coaching clients, I can almost see their skin crawl. They do NOT want to sell. Nope, no way, nada. But the fact is that no successful business has achieved great results without selling. So …