Business Insights – 30th September – Mandatory Vaccination Direction Explained

I’m here with insights for Australian businesses on 30th September 2021. The team of business coaches at Tenfold are getting lots of questions about how the mandatory vaccination directions in Victoria will work once construction sites reopen. I want to ensure small business operators are informed about this important matter. The Victorian mandatory vaccination direction […]

Business Insights – Prepare your business now for huge labour shortages in 2022

I know many business owners are considering what will happen over the next few weeks with the lockdowns. However, today I’m looking ahead to 2022 and I want to give you insight into what we’ll experience over the coming 12 months. In this briefing for Australian business owners: Forces impacting the Australian labour market What’s […]

Business Insights – 23rd September 2021 – SME Recovery Loan for business growth

I’m here with insights for Australian businesses on 23rd September 2021. Many Tenfold clients are working with their business coach on their big picture plans, and we are using these lockdowns to plan for their business growth and expansion. The federal government SME recovery loan scheme may be a good option to fund those plans. […]

Business Insights – Victoria Construction Sites Shut Down

I’m here with updates and advice for Victorian businesses. In a late announcement on 20th September 2021, construction sites including state critical infrastructure sites have been shut down for 2 weeks in metropolitan Melbourne, City of Ballarat, City of Greater Geelong, Surf Coast Shire and Mitchell Shire. Here is the official announcement from the Victorian […]

Business Insights – 20th September 2021 – What Victoria’s roadmap out of lockdown means for you

I’m here with insights for Australian businesses on 20th September 2021. Victoria’s roadmap out of lockdown was released yesterday. As we expected, it will be a slow easing of restrictions. Many of the restrictions being eased are for fully vaccinated people only and in many cases moderate density limits apply. I’ve included key dates and […]

Business Insights – 17th September 2021 – More restrictions for VIC construction

I’m here with insights for Victorian businesses in the construction section on 17th September 2021. With Victoria achieving 70% first dose vaccinations, restrictions are being eased in some areas however tighter regulations will come into force in the construction sector. In this briefing: Summary of the new restrictions for construction sector FAQs for Tenfold clients […]

Business Insights – 14th September 2021 – Commercial rent relief for Vic and NSW

I’m here with insights for Australian businesses on 14th September 2021. Tenfold clients and small-medium businesses who are commercial tenants may be able to get their rent reduced if their business has been impacted by lockdowns and their turnover has declined since May this year. Many of you are managing the largest cost of your […]

Business Insights – 6th September 2021 – Lockdown til November and what to do

I’m here with insights for Australian businesses on 6th September 2021 as we have heard news that Victoria will be in lockdown until November. In this briefing, there are 3 items I want to bring to your attention: Lockdown extension Plan to get through Assess your eligibility for business grants I know there’s a lot in […]

Business Insights – Mandatory testing for construction in Vic – 31st Aug and update 6th Sept

I’m here with news exclusively for Victorian businesses in the construction sector on 31st August 2021. Apparently on 26th August the Vic government added the construction section to those industries that now need to have their entire workforce proactively tested for COVID. This means that if you work in the construction sector you will have […]

Business Insights – 20th August 2021 – Further update on business grants

I’m here with insights for Australian businesses on 20th August 2021 This briefing is about grants in Victoria and a comparison to what is available in NSW for businesses that are under restrictions. If you’re not a Tenfold client with operations in Victoria or NSW, you may want to skip it. (My goal with these […]