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employee vs contractor - can you spot the difference?
Employee vs contractor: are you 100% certain you know the difference?

On paper, the line between employee and contractor seems very clear. An employee works for your business as a part of your business. As their employer, you are responsible for paying their taxes and superannuation, as well as providing paid leave and other entitlements. A contractor, on the other hand, supplies services to your business […]

signs your employee might quit
7 signs that your employee might be planning to quit (and how to win them back)

Our last two blogs have covered how to end the employment relationship when it’s a definite case of ‘it’s not me… it’s you’. But what happens when it’s one of your star team members that wants to break up with your business? How will you know? And what can you do to stop them walking […]

tackling tough decisions in your small business
The Tenfold Business Coaching guide to tackling tough decisions

The average person makes around 35,000 conscious decisions daily. Cereal, or toast? Black shoes, or brown? Left, or right? Answer the phone, or let it go to voicemail… just thinking about all the sliding doors moments that happen in a single day may have you wishing you could just stay home and watch TV. (Netflix […]

Preparing to sell could unlock your business' potential
How preparing your business for sale can help unlock its potential

We’ve worked with a number of business coaching clients who came to us seeking guidance on navigating the sale of their small business. A few had received unexpected (and somewhat underwhelming) offers from potential buyers. They realised that they needed guidance on how to improve the ‘kerbside appeal’ of their businesses to attract the best […]

The age of the flywheel: putting the customer back at the centre of your growth strategy

Last week we reviewed how funnels work to move customers through your sales process. Why? First, because it’s always a good idea to take one last look in the rear-view mirror before driving off into the sunset on a new adventure. (Knowing where you are coming from helps you better understand where you are headed.) […]

Fire right in your small business
Funnels are so 2018… but what were they, again? And why is HubSpot now saying you need a flywheel instead?

It’s official: flywheels are the new funnels. HubSpot says. Don’t worry if you’re only understanding every other word of that statement – you’re not alone. Many marketers have been remarkably slow to fully embrace ‘funnel’ vision. It’s not surprising, therefore, that most business owners still view their content strategy purely as a way to improve SEO […]

succession planning for the next generation
Following in their footsteps: Stepping up to lead your family’s business

Last time we looked at succession planning within a family business from the founder’s perspective. But what about the next generation – the successors? Members of the ‘Leadership 2.0 Club’ know all too well that they’ve got some size 13 shoes to fill. It’s only with clear communication, proper planning, adequate preparation and continued support […]

succession planning
Beginning with the end in mind: succession planning for your family business

According to Family Business Australia (FBA), family businesses account for 70% of businesses in this country. This means that for 1.4 million business owners, the work they do is far more than ‘just a job’. A family business is often viewed as a legacy, not only in terms of financial security but also a venture […]

thank you cloud
Sorry, did you mean to say, ‘thank you’? Three reasons why gratitude is mightier than an apology

Very few of us seem to find the right balance when it comes to apologising. Occasionally I’m faced with a small business owner for whom summoning an apology is like coaxing the last bit of Heinz Big Red out of the sauce bottle (much to the detriment of their customer relationships). Far more common, however, […]

split pathway
Getting from A-B: How split testing can strengthen your small business marketing efforts

Do you know what kinds of offers your customers are likely to respond to? Can you pinpoint the optimal day/time to hit ‘send’ on your email campaigns? Have you identified your website’s “exit pages” (ie the last ones your visitors typically visit before they click away) and are working on a plan to improve engagement? […]