Tony Trent, Business Growth Expert

Are tenders the best way to sell
Tenders: goldmine or minefield?

As a business coach whose client base includes B2B and trade-based business owners, I’m often asked about the value of winning new work through tenders. I’ll be honest – for me, the tender process has its limitations. Done well, tenders can present some solid opportunities to work with larger commercial construction companies and government departments. […]

are you mentorable
Not a coincidence: 7 attributes the most successful business owners have in common

Find out what qualities you must bring to the table to get the most out of your business coaching experience.

should you buy a company car for your business
Offering your team a company car: is it the right decision for your business?

As a business coach, I am seeing increasing numbers of business owners grappling with whether not to offer their team the use of a company car. There are a few reasons you might consider offering access to a work vehicle to an employee, including: It can help them do their job more effectively – especially […]

Google Ads for small business
Get more from your Google Ads

Many of our coaching clients have driven traffic to their website by implementing search engine optimisation (SEO) and content marketing strategies. But, there’s no way around it – SEO is a long-game strategy with no guarantees. What’s more, achieving (and maintaining) a first page ranking for a the most relevant (and therefore popular) keywords can […]

Linked In marketing for small business
LinkedIn: taking marketing from B2B to H2H (human to human)

LinkedIn. It’s the ‘middle child’ of the social media family – it doesn’t feel like it gets a lot of love and it hasn’t always been that sure about where it fits in to your marketing strategy. But this misunderstood business networking site presents an untapped opportunity for business owners – especially those operating within […]

employee vs contractor - can you spot the difference?
Employee vs contractor: are you 100% certain you know the difference?

On paper, the line between employee and contractor seems very clear. An employee works for your business as a part of your business. As their employer, you are responsible for paying their taxes and superannuation, as well as providing paid leave and other entitlements. A contractor, on the other hand, supplies services to your business […]

signs your employee might quit
7 signs that your employee might be planning to quit (and how to win them back)

Our last two blogs have covered how to end the employment relationship when it’s a definite case of ‘it’s not me… it’s you’. But what happens when it’s one of your star team members that wants to break up with your business? How will you know? And what can you do to stop them walking […]

Decision tree
The Tenfold Business Coaching guide to tackling tough decisions

The average person makes around 35,000 conscious decisions daily. Get up or hit the snooze button? Exercise or get in to work early? Answer the phone or let it go to voicemail? Just thinking about all the sliding doors moments that happen in a single day may have you wishing you could just switch to […]

Preparing to sell could unlock your business' potential
How preparing your business for sale can help unlock its potential

We’ve worked with a number of business coaching clients who came to us seeking guidance on navigating the sale of their small business. A few had received unexpected (and somewhat underwhelming) offers from potential buyers. They realised that they needed guidance on how to improve the ‘kerbside appeal’ of their businesses to attract the best […]

The age of the flywheel: putting the customer back at the centre of your growth strategy

Last week we reviewed how funnels work to move customers through your sales process. Why? First, because it’s always a good idea to take one last look in the rear-view mirror before driving off into the sunset on a new adventure. (Knowing where you are coming from helps you better understand where you are headed.) […]