Martin Coyle, Experienced Business Coach

Focusing on the ‘ability’ in ‘disability’: 5 benefits of inclusive employment for your small business

If you didn’t catch the ABC’s recent and extremely popular “Employable Me Australia” series, I would encourage you to watch it: if you’re quick you can track it down on

It Doesn’t Have To Be Lonely At The Top

Which of these best describes your situation as a small or medium size business owner?

1. Ahh, I’m living the dream… working the hours I want, logging in at the beach, driving the new Merc, it doesn’t get any better than …

The 6 Numbers You Need to Know To Run Your Business Profitably

Hands up if you hated maths at school? Yep, it’s a fair percentage of you. OK, now hands up if you diligently work your numbers in your business? Hmmm, not many hands left up are there? Why is that?

Top 5 Gems For Getting Stuff Done

The longer we spend in the workforce, the more experience we get. The more experience we get, the more responsibility we have. The more responsibility we have, the more ‘stuff’ you have to get done and oversee.

3 Steps To Create A Market All For Yourself

All businesses have to learn to survive in increasingly competitive markets. Consumers and target businesses have lots of choices and can find half a dozen or more with a few clicks of the mouse.

Swimming in the Shark Tank or Steering the Ship: where would you rather be?

For most business owners, watching the Shark Tank would be compelling viewing – I have watched the original BBC series Dragon’s Den for many years and I just love seeing the clever, crazy, brilliant and stupid ideas, pitches and expectati…

Controlling vs. Managing Your Business: which is best? The answer may surprise you…

Most people would get greater comfort from the idea of being in control – after all the implication of not being in control, is being out of control – and who wants to be there? If you are managing, it implies that you are getting by, doin…

How One Little Process can Smash Through “The Wall”

Most business owners start out with a burning passion and desire to get into their particular venture. By and large, they have knowledge, experience and skills, which enable them to go to the market and legitimately offer products and ser…