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a detail for your business
You’ve lost that loving feeling: how to fall back in love with your small business

I was once considering selling my Clubsport R8. It was still running beautifully, but it just wasn’t exciting me anymore. I am a “car guy”, so if my pride and joy isn’t making my heart beat a little faster when I open my garage door every morning, then it’s probably time to move it on. […]

It's easy being green
It’s easy being green: 10 ways to decrease your small business’ environmental impact (without lightening your wallet)

In the 12 years that have passed since Al Gore shocked the world with his famous climate change documentary, the issues of climate change and environmental impact have become more than just an “Inconvenient Truth”. It’s a complicated puzzle that will only be solved if every piece slots into place. Business has an important role […]

Boosting creativity - right brain
Increase your creativity tenfold: 10 ways to spark great ideas in your small business

It’s amazing how many of my business coaching clients believe that they “don’t have a creative bone in their body”. They consider themselves as ‘business-minded’ – logical and strategic. Of course, many small business owners possess those qualities, but they are often selling themselves short by not actively exploring their creative side. We tend to […]

Networking for business owners
Networking: It’s not just a game for suits

If you are a business owner who walks into a room feeling confident and makes 10 new connections easily before strutting out with a fan of business cards and a smartphone full of warm leads… then keep scrolling – I am probably not talking to you. If on the other hand you are like most […]

spot the disruption
Spotting the iceberg: three ways business owners can detect disruption early to avoid a collision

In the early hours of April 15th, 1912, the RMS Titanic hit an iceberg and sank to the bottom of the North Atlantic Ocean. It was a state of the art craft, “the unsinkable ship” and yet 1,522 lives were lost. While there were many factors contributing to this tragedy, none are so poignant as […]

Focusing on the ‘ability’ in ‘disability’: 5 benefits of inclusive employment for your small business

If you didn’t catch the ABC’s recent and extremely popular “Employable Me Australia” series, I would encourage you to watch it: if you’re quick you can track it down on

It Doesn’t Have To Be Lonely At The Top

Which of these best describes your situation as a small or medium size business owner?

1. Ahh, I’m living the dream… working the hours I want, logging in at the beach, driving the new Merc, it doesn’t get any better than …

The 6 Numbers You Need to Know To Run Your Business Profitably

Hands up if you hated maths at school? Yep, it’s a fair percentage of you. OK, now hands up if you diligently work your numbers in your business? Hmmm, not many hands left up are there? Why is that?

Top 5 Gems For Getting Stuff Done

The longer we spend in the workforce, the more experience we get. The more experience we get, the more responsibility we have. The more responsibility we have, the more ‘stuff’ you have to get done and oversee.

3 Steps To Create A Market All For Yourself

All businesses have to learn to survive in increasingly competitive markets. Consumers and target businesses have lots of choices and can find half a dozen or more with a few clicks of the mouse.