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business coach tips for entering business awards
Should you enter industry awards? 6 reasons to put yourself (and your business) out there in 2020

The new business year is making a whirring noise and kicking into gear, leading many of us to review and set our personal and professional goals for 2020. As we go through this process, some of the business owners I mentor are looking for a new challenge – something to stir up the fire in […]

what to cull from your business in 2020
Your new year to-don’t list: things to cull from your business in 2020 for increased productivity, performance and joy

If you own a business, then I’m willing to bet that your to-do list is long enough that you could string it around your Christmas tree like tinsel. What’s more, just as you manage to cross something off, three more tasks join the queue for your ever-dividing attention. It’s a chief complaint for those I […]

Rocket into 2020 by keeping up business momentum
See out 2019 with a bang (not a whimper): 5 ways to maintain business momentum in Q4

Remember back at the start of the year when you had 1,971 hours to work on your business? What if I told you that there are just 47 days left of 2019 (actually, for that matter, of this decade)? It doesn’t sound like a lot. In fact, if it’s not a typically busy time of […]

mental health first aid for business owners
Mental health first aid: why your business needs you to have it covered

Rob*, the owner and director of a facilities management business, was conducting what he thought was a run of the mill performance discussion when he discovered that there was something bigger going on behind team member, Tim’s* recent drop in performance. “I just didn’t see it coming. I didn’t know what to say when he […]

Cost benefit analysis help you weight up the option
Using cost benefit analysis to make solid investment decisions for your business

The adage is true: you must spend money to make money. It’s a red-letter day when your business is profitable enough that you can start investing in its growth. But in my time as a business coach I have seen many business owners struggle to work out the best way to invest this resource; often […]

Security of Payments Act for small business
Keep the cash flowing in your trades business with the Security of Payment Act

As a business coach I have seen one challenge come up more frequently than any other for our coaching clients working in the building and construction industry: dealing with payment disputes. Late or unpaid invoices cause more than just headaches for those running a business. Payment disputes have a significant negative impact on a business […]

Case studies for B2B marketing
7 steps for creating case studies that actually convert

The latest topic in our Business Marketing Essentials series is case studies. “Is your service/product/business worth my time and money?”   That’s the risk that stops people from buying from you. And case studies are like a virtual reality answer. Telling a story about a customer’s problem and the solutions you provided gives people a way […]

email business marketing
4 ways to use the power of email marketing in your business

Ask any business owner about their morning routine and I can guarantee that one of the first things (if not the first thing) they do upon waking is pick up their smartphone… and check their email. In fact, according a survey by ExactTarget, 77% of customers prefer to receive permission-based marketing via email (that’s over […]

Negotiating is a business skill
Negotiation: the non-negotiable business skill

For many of us, the word ‘negotiation’ conjures up images of fat cats in pin-striped suits, smoking cigars and shaking hands on shady deals. No one wants to be that guy. Thing is, we negotiate our way through almost every day of our lives. Ever made dinner plans with friends? Convinced the kids to shut […]

S=Qr the formula for success
There’s a formula for success… but do you have what it takes?

We have something to share with you. It’s nothing, really. Only… THE FORMULA FOR SUCCESS (No need to adjust your screens – you read that right.) Physicist, Albert-László Barabási, has boiled this most elusive of goals down to a formula containing just three terms: S = Qr   Let’s unpack this – because that tiny formula […]