Mace Rushgrove, Business Growth Expert

personal branding for business owners
Making business personal: should you be the face of your business?

For marketers, 2019 may retrospectively become known as The Year of the Personal Brand. While it is not a new idea, attaching a brand to a person and making them the face of their business is a branding strategy that has gained some real traction over the past 12 months. As a business coach, I […]

writing a business blog
Blog writing 101: Essentials for planning and writing your first post

Confession time: even as an experienced business coach, I used to find blogging quite challenging. I spent way too many writing sessions having a ‘The Good, The Bad and The Ugly’ style stand-off with my enemies – the blinking cursor and the blank page. In some ways that’s a good thing – especially for my […]

Industry organisations that make compliance easier for trade businesses
CoINVEST & Incolink: two key industry organisations that make running a compliant trade business much easier

Staying on top of employee obligations is a major concern for many of the business owners I mentor in my role as a business coach. There are, of course, the obvious things to cover off, like tax and superannuation, but certain industries have other specific compliance considerations to manage. Those working within the Victorian building […]

branding for business
Branding is more than a logo: 5 steps for growing your business into a brand

How much is a logo? Any graphic designer worth their Mac will tell you that this is often the first question most business owners ask as they set out on their branding journey. But as a business coach, I mentor my clients that growing a business into a brand takes more than just a new […]

Take control of SEO management
Managing your SEO like a Pro: how taking the wheel protects your investment

SEO. One of those mysterious tech TLAs (Three Letter Acronyms).   As a business coach, whenever I discuss outsourcing search engine optimisation (SEO) with my clients, I always find myself equating it with sending your car off to the mechanic; you may be left wondering “The bill was big but did they really do anything?”. […]

Tenfold coaching Google My Business
Google My Business: claiming and managing your most important digital storefront in 2019

We always advise our coaching clients that if there’s one thing they must understand about Google it is this: Google’s main focus (their ‘why’) is to help their users find exactly what they are searching for. In fact, they want to be so helpful to their users that no other search engine can compete. So […]

small business marketing tools
Ultimate business marketing essentials: 7 high performing tools for marketing your business

It can be tempting as a business owner to pop marketing on your ‘to do’ list and just never get around to it. If it isn’t your ‘zone of genius’, then marketing can feel too hard, or too time consuming. Indeed, non-core business activities can often seem like they’re robbing you of time you could […]

the decoy effect
Three blenders: how the ‘decoy effect’ increases sales

Last week my blender broke. Since protein smoothies have become a big thing in my house, it’s become an appliance that gets a bit of a workout, so we had to replace it. Stat. As I stood at the register, I realised that I had just been ‘Goldilocks-ed’. Yep, in under five minutes I had […]

To fire or not to fire?
8 sanity checks to get you ‘off the fence’ about employee dismissal

There’s one task that fills small business owners and managers with dread more than any other: firing staff. It’s the toughest of the tough conversations; a humiliating and upsetting experience for your employee and one that forces you squarely out of your comfort zone. No surprise, then, that many business owners ‘solve’ the issue by […]

managers who crack under pressure put their team at risk
Are you a leader who cracks under pressure? Your team’s success could be at risk

‘A leader is a dealer in hope’   That quote sounds like something straight out of a present-day leadership expert’s keynote speech, right? In fact, it was legendary French statesman and military leader, Napoleon Bonaparte who uttered those words over 200 years ago. As it turns out, he was spot on. Two centuries later, a […]