Arjen van den Broek, Coach of the Year 2016, 2017, 2018

Map to public relations for business
A roadmap for PR success: tools and tips to get you started

In our last blog on public relations for business owners, we explored how PR can power up your marketing strategy. In summary: PR is free (apart from the elbow grease) and it’ll build your authority and credibility more effectively than paid promotional activities. To get you to the start line, we also had you do […]

Public Relations PR for business owners
PR: There may be no such thing as bad press, but here’s our guide for how business owners can drum up the good stuff

Public relations. It’s a term that conjures up images of stressed-out people shouting into mobile devices, trying to keep some celebrity or politician’s misdemeanours out of the press by distracting the public with a photo-op of them hugging a puppy. Public relations (or PR) is so much more than reputational damage control. In fact, a […]

How to find the best coach for your business in Melbourne

Search LinkedIn for a business coach in Melbourne and you’ll come up with no less than 29,635 results. Great, right? You’re clearly spoilt for choice. Except, now you have two problems: There’s just no way you could possibly sift through all those profiles to find the right business coach for your specific needs While there […]

business coach tips for entering business awards
This one marketing hook can skyrocket your brand and increase your sales conversions

Trust sells. It’s as simple as that. When prospects are considering which business to buy from, the biggest risk they’re weighing up is, “What if I make the wrong decision?” Making a mistake can be costly – whether that cost is actual dollars or time wasted or a missed opportunity with a better option. Prospects […]

holiday proof your business
Have you holiday-proofed your business? 8 actions to help you take a break with confidence

I’m willing to bet that as a business owner, you need some time off (probably more than most). Unfortunately, you are among the least likely people to take that much needed break. A recent study performed by Prospa revealed that 57% of business owners plan to work the same (or more) hours as usual during […]

what to cull from your business in 2020
Your new year to-don’t list: things to cull from your business in 2020 for increased productivity, performance and joy

If you own a business, then I’m willing to bet that your to-do list is long enough that you could string it around your Christmas tree like tinsel. What’s more, just as you manage to cross something off, three more tasks join the queue for your ever-dividing attention. It’s a chief complaint for those I […]

building the case for business blogs
Does your business really need a blog? Five hard-to-ignore benefits of content marketing

“Ugh.” That’s the actual noise many business owners make when I bring up blogging. And I get it. Committing to a content strategy can seem like a very unappealing task if you feel like you’ve already got enough items weighing down your to-do list. And if writing just isn’t your bag, you’re probably even less […]

Rocket into 2020 by keeping up business momentum
See out 2019 with a bang (not a whimper): 5 ways to maintain business momentum in Q4

Remember back at the start of the year when you had 1,971 hours to work on your business? What if I told you that there are just 47 days left of 2019 (actually, for that matter, of this decade)? It doesn’t sound like a lot. In fact, if it’s not a typically busy time of […]

take your business to the next level
What got you here won’t get you there: 7 strategies for taking your business to the next level

As a business coach, the thing I hear most from new clients is that they’ve hit a ceiling in their business and need some guidance on how to get to that elusive next level. That fact is, the skills, experience and knowledge you’ve gained throughout your life, education and initial business journey will only get […]

mental health first aid for business owners
Mental health first aid: why your business needs you to have it covered

Rob*, the owner and director of a facilities management business, was conducting what he thought was a run of the mill performance discussion when he discovered that there was something bigger going on behind team member, Tim’s* recent drop in performance. “I just didn’t see it coming. I didn’t know what to say when he […]