Arjen van den Broek, Coach of the Year 2016, 2017, 2018

holiday proof your business
Have you holiday-proofed your business? 8 actions to help you take a break with confidence

I’m willing to bet that as a business owner, you need some time off (probably more than most). Unfortunately, you are among the least likely people to take that much needed break. A recent study performed by Prospa revealed that 57% of business owners plan to work the same (or more) hours as usual during […]

building the case for business blogs
Does your business really need a blog? Five hard-to-ignore benefits of content marketing

“Ugh.” That’s the actual noise many business owners make when I bring up blogging. And I get it. Committing to a content strategy can seem like a very unappealing task if you feel like you’ve already got enough items weighing down your to-do list. And if writing just isn’t your bag, you’re probably even less […]

take your business to the next level
What got you here won’t get you there: 7 strategies for taking your business to the next level

As a business coach, the thing I hear most from new clients is that they’ve hit a ceiling in their business and need some guidance on how to get to that elusive next level. That fact is, the skills, experience and knowledge you’ve gained throughout your life, education and initial business journey will only get […]

CX drives business growth
How a focus on customer experience drives business growth

Have you ever thought about the journey a customer goes on when they do business with you? According to business experts, customer experience (sometimes known as CX ‘for short’) is set to overtake price, product and even branding as the main arena where the battle for top spot in the marketplace will be won. Studies […]

Instagram business marketing tool
The Tenfold guide to Instagram Business Marketing

Did you know that the human brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text? Here’s another number: 1 billion. That’s the number of people using Instagram each month. And they keep signing up in droves. With those two things in mind, there’s no question that increasing your business’ profile on a visual social media […]

business coaching: bridging the gap between learning and doing
Mind the gap: how business owners can bridge the divide between learning and doing

Do you have a qualification related to running your business? While plenty of business owners have certifications, qualifications and/or extensive experience in what their business offers (eg an apprenticeship in a trade), hardly any have any formal training in how to deliver it (eg a business degree). Business owners are do-ers… When they inevitably come […]

3% Award wage increase
What the 3% increase to minimum wage means for Australian business owners

Workers and business owners alike held their breath during the last week of May as they waited for news on the Fair Work Commission’s (FWC) annual wage review. With the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) calling for a 6% rise and the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) arguing to keep the increase […]

Firing right in your small business
Straighten up and fire right: A step-by-step of employee dismissal in your small business

Do you have a clear roadmap to follow for termination of employment in your business? Look, staff dismissal is not something you’ll ever truly get used to but it’s a skill that you must build in order to keep your business productive and legally protected. If you don’t have a clear process in place for […]

what's your business' secret sauce?
What’s your ‘secret sauce’? Uncovering your business’ USP

What makes you so special? Why should customers choose your business over all the others out there doing the same thing? If trying to answer those questions gets you down, don’t despair just yet. Sure, chances are that your business is just one of many in your local marketplace offering your product or service. And […]

quoting for small business
Can I quote you on that? The Tenfold guide to quoting for your small business

Without a plan in place, quoting for a job can feel like playing ‘Marco Polo’. You have a price in mind. The customer has a price in mind. As the business owner, you are left stumbling around blindly searching for a number that keeps everyone happy. Your only measure for success in this scenario? Whether […]