Arjen van den Broek, Coach of the Year 2016, 2017, 2018

Straighten up and fire right: A step-by-step of employee dismissal in your small business

Do you have a clear roadmap to follow for termination of employment in your business? Look, staff dismissal is not something you’ll ever truly get used to but it’s a skill that you must build in order to keep your business productive and legally protected. If you don’t have a clear process in place for […]

What’s your ‘secret sauce’? Uncovering your business’ USP

What makes you so special? Why should customers choose your business over all the others out there doing the same thing? If trying to answer those questions gets you down, don’t despair just yet. Sure, chances are that your business is just one of many in your local marketplace offering your product or service. And […]

Can I quote you on that? The Tenfold guide to quoting for your small business

Without a plan in place, quoting for a job can feel like playing ‘Marco Polo’. You have a price in mind. The customer has a price in mind. As the business owner, you are left stumbling around blindly searching for a number that keeps everyone happy. Your only measure for success in this scenario? Whether […]

6 wrong turns your business heroes made (so you don’t have to)

Even the most famous and successful of our business heroes bomb out sometimes. Sōichirō Honda went as far as to say that “success is 99% failure”. The wins of the following entrepreneurs are legendary. Luckily (for you) their mistakes were just as public. Our Tenfold coaches mentor small business owners to reverse engineer the failures […]

An app-le a day: 27 wellness apps to maintain your most important small business asset

I’ve got you sorted for a list of handy mobile apps to help your small business thrive, but what about your most priceless business resource – you? I recommend these wellbeing apps to my Tenfold coaching clients, to help keep their bodies and minds happy and healthy.   Catch more Zzzs Getting good quality sleep […]

The best defence is a good offence: a two-tier strategy for responding to disruption in your industry

In our two previous blogs on disruption, we explored the impact of disruption on small business owners  and how to spot disruption early to avoid a collision. In this third instalment, let’s take a closer look at how your small business can respond to the challenges and opportunities of disruption in your industry. No sitting […]

8 fear busters to help you fail your way to success

Ability to master fear would make the top 5 of any entrepreneur’s list of most important skills – in fact, it would most likely take out the top spot. The big names – Branson, Jobs, Disney, Gates to name just a few – know that the path to success never did run smooth. These guys […]

5 Ways To Improve Business Profitability: Presentation

The Netherlands Chamber of Commerce has invited business coach Arjen van den Broek to present on the 5 ways to improve business profitability.