Amelia Hosseini

Client Appreciation Dinner 2016

With over 80 in attendance, this year’s Client Appreciation Dinner for our business coaching clients, was a wonderful success!

Highlights of the evening included speed networking, awards presentation for companies reaching 5 and 10 yea…

4 Need-To-Know Hints for Success in Sales

For some, the thought of customer service and sales can feel very daunting. Sometimes it comes from a fear of being judged or rejection and other times you may just not feel qualified.

Throughout my two years at SEEK Learning, my e…

The One Hack for Public Speaking That Never Fails

For most, just the thought of public speaking can immediately lead to a bad headache, pools of sweat developing visually through their shirt and the desire to just go home and hide, and with the abundance of bad advice out there, it’s not ha…